An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

The initial action we have to execute is the setup of a Hub Cluster Farm and use the under mentioned 7 Steps Plan as a follow up to make a success out of this venture.

Cluster Farming is the producer of sustainable food, fibre, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. This form of farming enables us to produce healthful food and will make home-grown agricultural products more accessible.

The Cluster Farming 7 Steps Plan

1. The Cluster Hub Farm will select at least 20 existing local farmer families, who are practicing small scale agriculture and link them to the Hub Farm. These farmers will be the Cluster Farms Satellites and together they will form a solid entrepreneurial group, capable of sharing both the benefits as the burden. The Satellite Farms are within a radius of 50 km to the Hub Farm and will be setup as mixed farming companies; the one with catfish and crops, the other with laying hens and crops and another with broilers and crops, etc.

2. The Hub farm will supply the Satellite Farms with animal feed, fish feed, day old chicks, catfish fingerlings and juveniles. All products are produced and grown on the Hub Farm to ensure the quality and sustainability. Next to this the Hub Farm will provide the necessary infrastructure such as barns and/or fish ponds. The farmer and his wife will be trained by the Hub Farm in the field of animal care, preparation of feed schedules, identifying diseases and managing the accounting, management and planning in order to promote their independence.

3. Distribution, marketing and trading of the produce is done by the Hub farm. In this way the farmer and his wife can focus on the production of their crops and animals. In 2016 the sales organization will setup a direct sales network of local roadside sales and sales penetration into the hotel and restaurant branch. In 2017 we will start with the "Cluster Farm Fresh Shops", the first pilot store will be in Accra. Our main focus is on the domestic and Pan-African market because this market is in need of affordable, home-grown nutritious products to stop hunger, malnutrition and misery.

4. In 2018 Cluster Farming will start with “Fresh Cooking Outlets” at a number of “Cluster Farm Fresh Shops” where we will offer local dishes with products from the farms. All dishes will be packed with nutritious vegetables to show that local food can be a source of proteins and vitamins and therefore extremely healthy.

5. Providing the funds and making sure that there are incentives for the farmer familie

6. Replication of the project throughout the African countries.

7. Africa is ready to feed their continent and can help to feed the world!

A successful multiplication of this farming model will breathe new life into the continet of Africa and above all empower people to grow food everywhere